Definition of High-end Industry

High-end industry is an advanced high impact industry within the various industrial sectors comprising agriculture, manufacturing, information technology, trade and also the service industry. Areas under these sectors include medical, hospitality, halal industry, engineering and design consultation. High-end industry generally involves high investment cost, advanced technology, sophisticated and innovative approach, and it is able to generate economic growth and create new high-income economies. These are areas in the industry which take up the roles of engine and catalyst that will drive future economic progress.VisionTo develop quality Malaysian workforce that is capable of delivering high-income economy which is both inclusive and sustainable.MissionTo ensure Malaysia has the high-end skills needed to enable Technology Innovative Malaysia.The Programme

HEIGIP involves graduates who work in positions which allow them to undergo on-the-job training instead of being merely employed without the opportunity of job enhancement. The aim of this internship programme is to fulfil the educational and professional competencies of students in high-end industries under supervised work setting. On-the-job training in a supervised work setting incorporates the following elements, namely:

-    Experiential learning strategy in areas of specialisation
-    Special emphasis on professional development
-    Reflections and acknowledgement.HEIGIP GoalsThe aims of HEIGIP are:-
     To nurture graduates with specific capabilities for the right industry;-              
     To develop graduates’ strategic and creative thinking skills, besides enhancing their confidence and self-esteem (leadership);-
     To build specific areas of expertise based on mutual interest for both graduates and industry;-
     To encourage the application and transfer of academic learning in specific disciplines, to the work environment, and vice versa (sustainable development).