The Office of Industry, Community, Alumni and Entrepreneurship Network was officially established on 1 January, 2017 comprising two subdivisions namely the Industry, Community and Alumni Office and the Malaysian Academy of SME and Entrepreneurship Development.  ICAEN is a new division established based on the earlier structures of University Industry Linkage Centre (UiLC) and Industry, Community and Alumni Network (CAN). It has been tasked with the responsibility to connect and network UiTM with external stakeholders namely the industry, community, alumni & entrepreneurship fraternity in order to enhance and strengthen the university’s academic relevance and standing.

With the expansion of its scope, i.e. integrating entrepreneurship into its existing functions, ICAEN acts as a bridge to connect departments within the university to engage with the entities outside of the university.  The aim is to establish synergistic relationships within an ecosystem of academic pursuits, community based innovation, scholarly achievements, relevant knowledge creation, internalization and application of new approaches.

2019 sees a new leadership and further expansion of the scope for ICAEN initiatives and activities.  With 3 Directors leading the existing centres and 2 additional project-focused centres that have been set up to intensify UiTM’s engagements, ICAEN intends to position UiTM as a university for the society. Concurrently, ICAEN is ready to champion United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the centres are geared to achieve sustainability through UiTM’s expert input and reciprocally learn from the industry and the community.   

The Centres dubbed as Sustainable Community Development Centre(SCDC) and Centre for Health, Wellness and Human Performance are tasked with exploring initiatives that benefit the community at large.

In the case of SCDC, the initiatives planned would target the enhancement of the quality of life for the marginalized and the poor through innovative economic activities such as community based ecotourism. This initiative is set to balance conservation and human needs for a sustainable future.

While the Centre for Centre for Health, Wellness and Human Performance intends to help improve the quality of life of the people through healthy lifestyle practices and promoting healthy living as a culture.

All these are above and beyond the work that is already in place with the three centres namely Industry Network Centre(ANC), Community Network Centre(CNC) and Alumni Network Centre(ANC) and the entrepreneurship agenda under the purview of MASMED,