ICAN intends to be the division of the university that plans, facilitates and intensifies industry’s and alumni’s involvement and presence in UiTM in order to innovate for an ecologically balanced and sustainable community through the proliferation of entrepreneurs.

The plan includes the establishment of greater presence of the industry and alumni on campus that would be reciprocated by establishing the visibility of the university in the industry and in the community. UiTM hopes to actualise the university-industry-government-community-environment synergy (Quintuple Helix Innovation Model). The synergistic ecosystem should see the establishment of research centres, endowed academic chairs, sponsored building complexes, sustainable community and alumni based programmes and activities in a healthy and sustainable ecosystem of reciprocal cooperation conducive for real world application of knowledge and innovation.

“The Quintuple Helix stresses the necessary socioecological transition of society and economy in

the twenty-first century; therefore, the Quintuple Helix is ecologically sensitive. Within the framework of the Quintuple Helix innovation model, the natural environments of society and the economy also should be seen as drivers for knowledge production and innovation, therefore defining opportunities for the knowledge economy. The Quintuple Helix supports here the formation of a win-win situation between ecology, knowledge and innovation, creating synergies between economy, society, and democracy. Global warming represents an area of ecological concern, to which the Quintuple Helix innovation model can be applied with greater potential.”

The Quintuple Helix Innovation Model: Global

Warming as a Challenge and Driver for Innovation

Elias G Carayannis1*, Thorsten D Barth and David F J Campbell


A research centre is a facility or building dedicated to research, commonly focused on creation of new knowledge in a specific area.

An endowed academic chair allows the Faculty to develop and enhance its scholarship in a priority area of study and to recruit faculty members from among the best scholars in the world with the renowned personality appointed as the chair to act as a magnet.